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Israel/Gaza: Accountability war crimes
Publicerad: 11 april 2011

Israeli campaign to avoid accountability for Gaza war crimes must be rejected

Kongo: Massvåldtäkter sommaren 2010
Publicerad: 13 januari 2011

Democratic Republic of Congo: Mass rapes in Walikale: Still a need for protection and justice in eastern Congo

Kongo: Över 150 kvinnor våldtogs
Publicerad: 14 oktober 2010

Congo: Mass rape highlights failures in protection and justice
Publicerad: 30 augusti 2010

Amnesty International Public Statement

UK: Proposal leads to impunity
Publicerad: 29 juli 2010

UK justice proposal would lead to impunity for war crimes and torture

Israel/Occupied Palestinian Territories: Accountability is paramount for Gaza conflict
Publicerad: 29 juli 2010

Amnesty International Public Statement

Cambodia: More prosecutions for Khmer Rouge-era!
Publicerad: 29 juli 2010

Cambodia urged to follow Khmer Rouge conviction with more prosecutions