Kontakt med Amnesty Thailand4
Publicerad: 3 februari 2007

Nedan finns mejlkorrespondens mellan mig (Anna Dahlbäck) och Amnesty Thailand.

From: anna.dahlback@amnesty.se
on 2007-02-05 20:05
To: "Boonthan T. Verawongse" <verawongse@amnesty.or.th>
Cc: campaign@amnesty.or.th, anfrel@anfrel.org, laddawantan@hotmail.com,
verawongse@gmail.com, verawongse@yahoo.com, jodonohu@amnesty.org
Subject: ICC campaign AI Thailand

Dear Boonthan,

Thanks again for your email in December. I'm sorry you haven't received a proper answer until now.

I hope that you are doing well and that your work at AI Thailand is progressing.

Here in Stockholm, we have just started working again after a fairly long Christmas and New Years break. We've only had two meetings so far this semester. Among other things, we are planning a new meeting with the Thai embassy in Stockholm. I'll send you a report from the meeting afterwards. However, we've no date so far.

Also, we're planning a trip to Manila in April. This time I'll go with another member of the group (not Linda). Therefore, I'm not going to Bangkok this spring. But maybe in the autumn or next year. I need to discuss this with Jonathan O'Donohue at the IJP/IS, and I'll let you know as soon as I know more.

We are all very eager to hear more about your ICC work. It's really positive that you continue working with the ICC after what happened last autumn and that you have brought up the issue in meetings with the Ministry of Justice. Also, I was very happy to hear that Thailand might be ratifying CAT soon. Has it already happened?

We never discussed the mission report I sent you in September. But I really hope that you thought is was in accordance with what we discussed during our visit in Bangkok. I also hope that the ICC Strategy for AI Thailand (which was included in the mission report) was correct and that you still believe it is a good way for you to work with these issues. If not, please get back to me. If you have discussed another way of working with the ICC, please let me know so that we can re-write the strategy and I can inform Jonathan/the IS.

I have discussed the possibility of giving you a small grant, as you've asked for, with Jonathan. First of all, I must tell you that AI Sweden cannot do that. I have already asked them, and they said no. Jonathan says that unfortunately there are no resources avaliable from the IS either to fund e.g. a new member of staff. However, there are some Working Group money avaliable to help prepare materials that will assist you in your work, such as translating the ICC Fact Sheets or other ICC campaigning material into Thai. However, to do that, we need to know what kind of material you need to have translated and some information of how you're going to use the material in the ICC work.

Well, that is all for now. I wish you good luck with your work and I hope to hear from you very soon. Send my regards to all staff and members of AI Thailand. Everybody in our ICC group send their wishes too. Is Pat and Kratik still at the section office?

Best regards,


From: "Boonthan T. Verawongse" <verawongse@amnesty.or.th>
on 2006-12-22 03:17
To: anna.dahlback@amnesty.se
Cc: verawongse@yahoo.com, campaign@amnesty.or.th, anfrel@anfrel.org,
laddawantan@hotmail.com, verawongse@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Silence?

Dear Anna,

Warm Greetings from Thailand !!!

Thank you so much for your wishes. We are all fine and continue our work
here as part of our life.

Still so many things to do these days before the New Year.
Actually I just sent to you a report on the Southern Thailand prepared by
our fiends. Just hope that it will be useful for you.

Regarding the ICC, we have made a point at the press conference on
December 1 and Decenber 10 at the International Human Rights Day to move forward our
advocacy work to get the government ratification of CAT and ICC. Recently,
we (Somsri as the AI Chair and Laddawan - AI Board member) paid a vsit and
met with the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Justice, Jaran
Pakdithanakul, who is the former secretary to the Supreme Court. AI

Thailand pushed forward some key human rights concern namely the Death
Penalty, shackled solitary confinement, Judicial reform, CAT and the ICC.
Justice Jaran himself is quite positive since he attended several meetings/
workshops on ICC we organized in the last many years as a panelist. From the
meeting, he shown his interest to our concern. We need to do a follow up
work on this.

Besides, we together with other colleagues in the human rights movement
also submitted a letter to the Council of National Security (CNS), modified
version of the coup maker on September 19, reminding them the state obligation to
the International HR instruments and mechanism. Especially we submitted to

them a copy of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights (UDHR) to CNS at their
headquarter next to UN Building in Bangkok on the Human Rights Day.

As we discussed briefly sometime ago that the campaign for CAT and ICC
ratification might need to go along together. Now, the Minister of Justice
(via the Department of Rights and Liberty Protection) had concluded the
recommendation for the CAT. It is likely to be submitted to the cabinet
approval by the end of the year (according to the MoJ - bu now it is only a
week left !!!)

For the ICC, I wonder if AI Sweden or the ICC Working Group can make available some
small grant to help us coordinating, documenting the cases and produce a good
campaign materials, as well as some more frequent seminars/ workshops. We
really need one full time staff to work intensively on this campaign for at

least a year. If you think it is feasible, kindly let me know. So that I can
prepare a proposal on this from now.

The coup d'etat on 19 September, had disrupted some of our work even though
some others might feel that it was able to relief of the tension of confrontation
between the pro-Thaksin and anti-Thaksin movement which was in the peak during that
particular period. To avoid the bloodshed was one of the reason (or accused) the
military junta claimed to commit the coup! Some how, it's contriversial even among activists.

Anyway, Anna, thank you so much to think about us and extended the new year
greetings to us.I'll tell our board members and staff tomorrow about your
wish at our small X'mas and new year party tomorrow at Laddawan's place.
It's sort of a re-union with friends in the Human Rights movement.

We also do the same in wishing you a Merry Chirstmas and a very Happy New
Year. Have a good health too.

Best regards to your family and colleagues at the AI Sweden. Are you coming
back to Thailand again next year?

Take care.

Boonthan T. Verawongse


From: anna.dahlback@amnesty.se
on 2006-12-22 01:58
To: verawongse@amnesty.or.th, verawongse@yahoo.com,
campaign@amnesty.or.th, anfrel@anfrel.org
Subject: ICC campaign AI Thailand

Dear all,

How are you? I haven't heard from you in a long time.
I hope that you are fine.

I just wanted to wish you happy holidays!

Best, Anna