ASP 2013: Amnestys krav på staterna
Publicerad: 19 november 2013

Den 20 november 2013 inleds ICC:s stadgepartsförsamlingsmöte i Haag. De 122 stater som är parter till Romstadgan ska under mötet bland annat diskutera brottsoffers rättigheter samt huruvida åtal mot stats- och regeringschefer kan hota internationell fred och säkerhet. Amnesty ställer flera krav på staterna.

Some of Amnesty International’s demands at the ASP:

  • States parties should strongly affirm their support for the principle that no-one, regardless of their status, is exempt from prosecution by the ICC for crimes under its jurisdiction.
  • States parties should highlight that there is no evidence of “the politicization and misuse of indictments against African leaders by the ICC”.
  • States parties should affirm the findings of the Review Conference that “there can be no lasting peace without justice and that peace and justice are thus complementary requirements”.
  • States parties should insist that the trials of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto must proceed without political interference.
  • States parties should urge Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto to continue to cooperate with the ICC and participate in their trials.
  • States parties should affirm their commitment to ensure that the Rome Statute system has a positive impact on victims and affected communities.
  • States parties should urge the ICC to take measures to develop and improve the system of participation for victims to ensure that it is meaningful and effective .
  • States parties should seek to increase the resources of the Trust Fund for Victims.
  • States parties should commit to support and cooperate with the ICC’s efforts to provide effective victim and witness protection, in particular, by entering into relocation agreements.

Läs Amnestys rapport inför mötet: